Welcome to dyemyshoes.com. We are experts in custom shoe dyeing and coloring shoes of all types. No longer do you have to search for a place to have your bridal, prom or pageant shoes dyed.

With Dye My Shoes.com, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Download this shoe coloring order form Just download and fill out this order form (click here).

Send your shoes to us to be dyed Send us your shoes (with the completed form & payment).

We'll send you back the dyed shoes We’ll do the dyeing and ship you back your dyed shoes.

How easy is that?

We have been providing dyeing services & custom dyeing bridal shoes, prom shoes and pageant shoes for years and have the expertise to get the job done superbly.

The best part is… It’s only $17.50/pair* for the continental U.S.**
*$17.50 does not include shipping to DYEMYSHOES.com.
**$17.50 does not include Alaska or Hawaii - if you are located in Alaska or Hawaii please call for pricing information.
Return freight back to you is included with the cost of shoe dyeing.

Please note not all shoes can be dyed. In general, only white satin and silk shoes that are specifically manufactured to be dyed are dyeable. Shoes manufactured in colored material cannot be dyed (including ivory shoes). If you are unsure if your shoes are dyeable, please email info@dyemyshoes.com or call 800-621-0029 (ask for Laura)- we will be happy to assist you in determining whether or not your shoes are dyeable. DyeMyShoes.com is not responsible for the cost of the return shipping of non-dyeable shoes.

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